The Lessons Of The French and Indian War

The French and Indian War (1754-60) was a conflict in North America between Britain and France. The conflict was part of the Seven Years’ War. Great Britain, its American colonies and Britain’s Indian [Native American] allies, the Iroquois confederacy, fought France, New France (Quebec) and France’s Indian [Native American] allies (the Algonquin, Abnaki, Innu, Anicinapek […]

Cashland Launches Luxury Basics, A High-End Collection of Casual Chic Wear for Comfort and Class

Last 20th of May, 2016 saw the official online launch of CASHLAND, a clothing store specializing in pieces made from high quality North American fabric. Founded in 2001, Cashland’s premium collection, Luxury Basics, aptly summarizes the brand’s unique blend of casual exclusivity – select designs made from high quality textiles to maximize comfort and durability […]

Mobile Application Developers: The Pros And Cons

Mobile application development is in great demand and with the increase in innovative programs, an increasing number of businesses are trying to up the newness quotient. Mobile app development businesses supply services associated with hand held devices including PDAs and digital assistants. Developers use a number of mobile development technologies including JAVA ME (J2ME), Symbian, […]